An award-winning storyteller

Seybert’s ability as a narrator shines like a polished diamond with its multiple facets.” — Audiofile Magazine, May 2018

The majority of my work is focused on non-fiction titles. I enjoy the challenge of engaging book listeners with an author’s new ideas. My job, as an audiobook narrator, is to understand the author’s intent and translate that to the listener. In doing so, I am an advocate for both the listener and the writer.

Listen to samples of my work:

Title: Think & Grow Rich (unabridged)
Genre: Self-help
Author: Napoleon Hill
Publisher: Dreamscape Audio
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Title: Patient Care
Genre: Memoir - ER Doctor
Author: Paul Seward
Publisher: Dreamscape
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Title: Vietnam Abyss
Genre: Memoir - PTSD Survivor
Author: Michael J Snook
Publisher: SW Legacy Press
Play sample: 
Title:  The Smallest Tadpole's War
Genre: Biography - History w/ Southern accent
Author: Diane Swearingen
Publisher: ACX
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Title: Atheism On Trial
Genre: Religion/Philosophy
Author: Louis Markos
Publisher: christianaudio/Harvest House
Play sample: 
Title: The Soul of Shame
Genre: Christian Self-Help
Author: Curt Thompson
Publisher: Two Words/IVP
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