20 Audiobooks and counting

For me, narrating non-fiction is like whispering in someone’s ear and saying, “You are going to be blown-away with what I’m about to tell you.”

The majority of my work is focused on non-fiction titles. I enjoy the challenge of engaging book listeners with an author’s new ideas. My job, as an audiobook narrator, is to understand the author’s intent and translate that to the listener. In doing so, I am an advocate for both the listener and the writer.

Representative samples of my narration work.

Title: Vietnam Saga
Genre: Vietnam Memoir
Author: Stan Corvin, Jr.
Publisher: Southwestern Legacy Press
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Title: The Invisible Leader
Genre: Corporate culture
Author: Zach Mercurio
Publisher: Advantage Media Group
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Title:  The Smallest Tadpole's War
Genre: Biography - History w/ Southern accent
Author: Diane Swearingen
Publisher: ACX
Play sample: 
Title: Atheism On Trial
Genre: Religion/Philosophy
Author: Louis Markos
Publisher: christianaudio/Harvest House
Play sample: 
Title: Winning Habitudes
Genre: Business, Inspiration, Motivation
Author: Leonard Mack
Publisher: ACX
Play sample: 
Title: Igniting the Invisible Tribe
Genre: Business, HR, Entrepreneur
Author: John Allan Dykstra
Publisher: A Silver Thread Publishing
Play sample: 
Title: The Soul of Shame
Genre: Christian Self-Help
Author: Curt Thompson
Publisher: Two Words/IVP
Title: Working Congress
Genre: Politics/History
Author: Robert Mann (Editor)
Publisher: LSU Press
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A complete catalog of the 20+ audiobooks I’ve narrated is on Audible.com.