• How do your employees come to work?

    How do your employees come to work?
  • 1st Workshop in Honolulu
  • Visalia Workshop
  • I and my key employees found the workshop to be life-changing. We are now working better as a team, in a way we would not have come up with on our own.

    – G.S. — Factory Owner


Use Your Genius

You already have everything you need to be awesome. Your natural abilities are like race horses waiting to fly out of the gate and carry you across the finish line. Whether you’re a corporate leader, manager, small business owner or solo-professional: individualized strengths coaching can help you get maximum advantage from the tools you already have. Read More

Build Your Team

The best teams are the ones where each individual is acutely aware of their own strengths and are given opportunities to bring their best to the table, every day. Productivity, retention and customer satisfaction will soar when you create a strengths-focused workplace environment. Read More

Shake The Box

Success can’t be repeated. Ideas that are working today won’t work tomorrow, because tomorrow’s problems are going to be different. Strategic brainstorming retreats are a great way for your leadership team to practice future solutions, today. Read More

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Jim’s Latest Brainstorms
  • Steve Jobs liked meetings
    Steve Jobs liked meetings

    There’s a lot about the way Steve Job conducted himself that most of us should try to avoid, but with regard to his penchant for getting face-to-face he was right on the money….

  • The key to winning is quitting
    The key to winning is quitting

    The key to winning is knowing when (and what) to quit. No one who has ever achieved greatness in anything has ever done so by trying to master everything that comes their way….

  • Navigating the Cul-de-sac
    Navigating the Cul-de-sac

    Circling feels good. It gives you the perception of forward momentum. It can sustain your need for progress. But you aren’t going anywhere….

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Here’s good news:

The economy is getting better and you CAN take advantage of increased customer demand without burning-out your key employees or blowing your payroll budget.

Take a look at this short video clip that briefly describes the bottom-line ROI associated with strengths-based workplaces.