Who is Jim Seybert?

The web designer says this is where I am supposed to “wow” you with my “impressive list of accomplishments,” but that’s not something I’m crazy about doing.

Don’t get me wrong, talking about me is one of my favorite subjects, but I’m simply not sure what you need to hear that would help you chose me as a personal or company advisor.  Not having the ability to read your mind, I’ve chosen a few bits of personality that might help answer the title question, at least enough to get a conversation started.

My Mission is to make a difference by unabashedly encouraging people to do their best work, and to love doing it.

Leadership ReVision Cover ImageThe practice was launched in 2001. Prior to that, I was a corporate business development officer, radio talk show host, news anchor and disc jockey.  My hometown is San Francisco. I’ve had two business books published (see the Resources page) and hold certifications in Strengths training and coaching from The Marcus Buckingham Company. 

My StandOut roles are Pioneer/Stimulator.

StandOut Coaching Certificate In StrengthsFinder(tm) parlance, I am an Ideator, Strategist, Maximizer, Futurist and Communicator. You can read my personal strengths reports on the Resources page.

I am a Certified SimplyStrengths Trainer and a Certified StandOut Coach. In addition to those official imprimaturs from The Marcus Buckingham Company, I have had 10+ years of practical experience helping my clients apply what they’ve learned from the Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessment.

The work I do is anchored in 5 Core Values – and I ask my clients to hold me accountable to these promises:

  • Integrity – You will always hear the truth from me.
  • Care – You will always know that I care for you and your team.
  • Quality – You will always be proud of the work I do for you.
  • Fun – You will enjoy working with me.
  • Value – You and I will both profit from the relationship.

Don’t take my word for it. You can call my mom–she’ll say nice things about me–or, read what clients have written and said about the experience of working with me over the years.