Who is Jim Seybert?

I get to do what I love, nearly everyday.

I actually love the sound of my voice in headphones. Since I concentrate my work in the area of non-fiction, you might think I’m bored and boring. Not so. There are times when it’s impossible to NOT laugh, mostly at myself. The YouTube clip at the right is an example of “Mr Eloquent” getting his tongue damn near permanently tied around a word that’s really not all that difficult to say.


My mission is provide access to engaging works of non-fiction.

Books I’ve narrated feature quotes from Mohammed Ali to Marcus Aurelius. From military memoirs, management lessons, and political history to Christian parenting, apologetics, and current events all authors have story to tell. My job is to relate that tale as eloquently, credibly, and confidently as I possibly can.


Some extremely talented people have added to my knowledge. I’ve been coached and attended training provided  by:

Sean Allan Pratt
Carol Monda
Johnny Heller
Scott Brick
Don Baarns

Home Studio

  • Isolation booth – noise floor -68db
  • Mic – Blue Baby Bottle
  • Pre Amp – Scarlett Solo
  • Computer – Dedicated MacBook Pro
  • Software – StudioOne Artist, RX6

I am a proud member of the Audio Publishers Association

Don’t take my word for it. Call my mom–she’ll say nice things about me–or, read what listeners, authors, and Audiofile Magazine have written about my work over the years.