A serious voice, with a twinkle in its eye

Seybert’s ability as a narrator shines like a polished diamond with its multiple facets.” — Audiofile Magazine, May 2018

Every book tells a story. Whether fantasy fiction or military history, every author has a story to tell. My job is to understand the author’s intent and translate that to the listener. In doing so, I am an advocate for both the listener and the writer.

Listen to samples of my work:

Title: Saved By Science
Genre: Modern Culture
Author: Mark J. Poznansky, PhD
Publisher: ECW Press
Play sample: 
Title: Servant Economy
Genre: Economics/Politics
Author: Jeff Faux
Publisher: Dreamscape
Play sample: 
Title: The Job
Genre: Classic Fiction
Author: Sinclair Lewis
Publisher: Spoken Realms
Play sample: 
Title: Patient Care
Genre: Memoir - ER Doctor
Author: Paul Seward
Publisher: Dreamscape
Play sample: 
Title: Political Science for Dummies
Genre: Political Science
Author: Marcus Stadelmann
Publisher: Tantor/Wiley
Play sample: 
Title: The Man w/ The Black Valise
Genre: True Crime
Author: John Goddard
Publisher: Dundrun - Toronto
Play sample: 
Title:  The Smallest Tadpole's War
Genre: Biography - History w/ Southern accent
Author: Diane Swearingen
Publisher: ACX
Play sample: 
Title: Unfatally Dead
Genre: Fantasy Fiction
Author: Wayne Edmiston
Publisher: Indie Author
Play sample: 

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