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Jim Seybert is an award-winning audiobook narrator with more than 100 titles to his credit. His “serious voice with a twinkle in its eye” has recorded books for major publishers, smaller houses, and independent authors in categories ranging from historical fiction to critical social issues. Jim is an APA Ambassador and a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Featured Audio Samples

1st Person Inspirational – Painful Memory

1st Person Memoir – Sarcasm

Narrative Fiction – 3rd POV – Southern Accent

Character Dialog – Fantasy Fiction

Cultural Issues – Controversial Topic

Youth Non-Fiction Biography

Cultural History – Technology

1st Person – Military Memoir

1st Person – Dark, Suicidal, Military Vet with Serious PTSD

1st Person POV – Old Man – Wry Humor

Publisher Clients

… with a twinkle in its eye.

In the summer of 2021, I was referred to as “The Voice of Stone Skipping on ESPN” when I co-hosted (along with my friend, the hilarious Johnny Heller) the International Stone Skipping Championships, produced by GoSportsLIVE. Here’s a clip of the winning toss – you won’t believe how many skips he threw.

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