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Jim Seybert is an award-winning audiobook narrator with more than 100 titles to his credit. His “serious voice with a twinkle in its eye” has recorded books for major publishers, smaller houses, and independent authors in categories ranging from historical/narrative fiction to religion and critical social issues. Jim is member of SAGAFTRA, he’s part of a Musical Improv troupe, and an occasional host of unusual sporting events (see below) on ESPN Ocho.

Featured Audio Samples

Dystopian Fiction – Dialog – Adult and Stuttering Child/Man

Humorous NonFiction Religious Text

Narrative Fiction – 1st POV – Describing a Roadside Holdup

Narrative Fiction – 1st POV – Describing a Special Place

1st Person Inspirational – Painful Memory

1st Person Memoir – Sarcasm

Narrative Fiction – 3rd POV – Southern Accent

Character Dialog – Fantasy Fiction

Cultural Issues – Controversial Topic

Youth Non-Fiction Biography

Cultural History – Technology

1st Person – Military Memoir

1st Person – Dark, Suicidal, Military Vet with Serious PTSD

1st Person POV – Old Man – Wry Humor

Publisher Clients

… with a twinkle in its eye.

In the summer of 2021, I was referred to as “The Voice of Stone Skipping on ESPN” when I co-hosted (along with my friend, the hilarious Johnny Heller) the International Stone Skipping Championships, produced by GoSportsLIVE. Here’s a clip of the winning toss – you won’t believe how many skips he threw.

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