Strengths and your payroll


I’ve been noodling with some numbers related to the value of employees participating in Strengths training. What is the real payback?
When a manager asks,

“What’s the business reason for doing this?”

how do I answer?
The training I provide helps people focus more intentionally on using their unique strengths to improve personal performance. So let’s imagine […]

Lessons in cinnamon roll baking

2010-11-09T11:46:31+00:00Podcast, Strengths|

When I follow the rules, the process may not always be as fun but the results are usually better.
I learned this while baking cinnamon rolls: There are times when “leaving well enough alone” is the best approach. Good cooks know when they have the achieved that “just right” taste – and so should managers when […]

Praising the flighty outliers

2010-11-04T17:27:17+00:00Management, Strategy|

I watched a flock of generic birds wandering about the sky. They were sparrows or starlings or some other type of ubiquitous small bird, flying about in the most haphazard manner; the entire flock darting first one direction and instantly another. There didn’t appear to be reason to their route, no plan.
Then for just a […]

Are we wrong about attitude?

2010-11-02T21:10:03+00:00Podcast, Strengths|

Do we have it wrong about attitude?
As I watched my hometown team win its first-ever World Series it struck me how all the players credited their “will to win” and that very little was said about actual skill. Team members lined up to talk  about “heart” and “perseverance.” One ebullient player […]

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