Using Strengths to Mitigate a Weakness

Driving Ideas #2
One common misconception about playing to your strengths is the idea that: [blockquote align=”center”]Oh Goodie !! If I learn to focus on what I do best, I won’t have to do all the stuff I loathe.[/blockquote]Focusing on your native genius will NOT alleviate the need to clean toilets, balance the books or deal with HR issues. You’ll still have to make sales calls and attend the dreaded business networking lunches. There’s a reason they call what we do “work.”
But here’s the good news:

By playing to your strengths, by focusing on activities that make you feel strong, you will have an easier time mitigating the effect of stuff that drains you. This installment of Driving Ideas shares a quick tip on how I use my natural abilities–my strengths–to lift me over the more mundane and loathsome aspects of my work.
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