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5 stages of my selling pipeline


Here’s a first.

Jim Seybert giving sales advice is like Jim Seybert giving golf lessons.
But I’ve been collecting ideas about managing my sales process and have come to a point where it helps my thought process to let the ideas flow through my fingers.  It’s one thing to think about the ideas, and quite another to […]

Narrating is more than a "great voice"


An unheardled side-benefit of narrating audiobooks is the look on people’s faces when you answer the question, “So, what do you do for a living?
It never gets old.
Unless you’re in the voiceover community, you probably can count on the fingers of Fire Cracker Bob’s right hand the number of people you personally know […]

Learning about tough lessons

2023-02-05T23:01:24+00:00Audiobooks, Personal|

Narrating non-fiction audiobooks provides a benefit I hadn’t counted on – it’s an incredible learning experience.
The book I am currently narrating will be my 20th non-fiction project. My first was the memoir of a philanthropist in Portland, OR who started a very successful program for kids who were born into situations that unequivocally guaranteed them […]

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