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“Jim Seybert knows exactly how to add life to the written word.  He is a professional at reading and producing quality audiobook performances.  His expertise throughout the whole process made it easy for a first-time author like myself.  He knew exactly what to do, so I didn’t have to worry.  He communicated throughout the entire process keeping me updated on the progress and offering suggestions for a better flow of audio.  His voice and narration style gets compliments from everyone who listens.” — Leonard Mack, 99 Winning Habitudes


“Jim Seybert isn’t just a fabulous voice and a terrific narrator (though he is certainly both of those things), he also has the uncanny ability to deeply understand the big picture of the content in a way that truly communicates the passion of the author. His embodiment of the work gets to the meaning that lies behind the words on every page. If you’re an author with something important to say, Jim is the perfect audiobook partner for you!” — Josh Allan Dykstra, Igniting the Invisible Tribe


“As the author of Vietnam Saga: Exploits of a Combat Helicopter Pilot and  Jet Pioneer: A Fighter Pilots Memoir,  I want to take this opportunity to thank you for providing the narration for both of these books and for your outstanding assistance in guiding me through the process of creating their audiobooks. Your persistence in learning the correct pronunciation of the numerous Vietnamese and Korean words in the books is admirable and I am very satisfied with the outstanding quality of your narrations. I am so impressed with your work thatI am sending you my latest book, which I have just completed, Echoes of the Hunt and want you to handle the narration and creation of the audiobook version before I publish it as a paperback, eBook and hardback.  I am convinced that audiobooks are the wave of the future and you are well positioned to take advantage of their increasing popularity.  Your assistance to new authors will be invaluable.” — Stan Corvin, Vietnam Saga and Jet Pioneer.

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