Perception is NOT reality.

Perception is more important than reality.

Everyone has a personal brand.

Is yours working for you?

Would you like to explore ways to refresh or refocus your personal brand?

What’s the process? I ask a bunch of questions designed to help established narrators examine (and perhaps adjust) the way they’re perceived. Everyone’s situation is different, so each conversation will be custom-crafted to meet YOUR specific needs.

Fellow narrators said “Go to Jim” and in under an hour, he pointed out a few small but hugely impactful things I could do to better explain myself to the world. — Daniela Acitelli

I learn something new every time I meet with Jim. He’s patient and kind as he inspires you to discover what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to your own personal brand. — Gina Rogers

The catch-phrase Jim helped me develop is the single most effective piece of marketing material I have in my toolbox. I constantly get compliments on it from business coaches and fellow narrators. — Senn Annis

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