Normal and the need for change

Headline: Power Outage Delays Big Game Ray Lewis ends his NFL career on a high note, Colin Kaepernick increases his odds of getting a raise and 100-million people are grossed out (twice) by the hideous sounds of a super model and nerd sucking each other's lips -- but Super Bowl 47 will be remembered most for [...]

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Cannibalize or die

Discussion about the counter-intuitive suggestion of growing a business by encouraging subsidiaries to cannibalize existing under-served customers. 17-minute podcast interview from HBR.

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Is information power?

During President Obama's speech on Middle East policy, he spoke about the desire to see that people everywhere had access to the Internet as a way of obtaining information. To support his idea he said, "information is power." While I agree with his premise, it got me thinking about the current value of information. Is [...]

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Praising the flighty outliers

I watched a flock of generic birds wandering about the sky. They were sparrows or starlings or some other type of ubiquitous small bird, flying about in the most haphazard manner; the entire flock darting first one direction and instantly another. There didn't appear to be reason to their route, no plan. Then for just [...]

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Getting Lost in the Story

Note: This piece was first published in December 2006. With the recent LOST finale, I thought you might find relevance in a flash back to the show's early years. I am always blown away by the presenters at EPM Communication's annual Entertainment Marketing Conference, held at the Universal City Hilton in Hollywood*. This year was [...]

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