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Leveraging strengths to improve collaboration – TV Interview

You want to form a very effective team – who would you select? A group of random generalists who will try as hard as they can to do whatever it is you want them to do? Or – A group of individuals who have demonstrated expertise in the various elements of the task at hand?

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What if you used only your strengths?

One of my Strengths is "Input." For a living, I report information, provide analysis, and describe things to other people. All at once, I realized that I needed to do that now, for the parents of the girl. I began writing: “To the family of Jane Doe, I was one of the first motorists to stop at your daughter’s crash on Tuesday…..”

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Executive burnout – what happens when the boss checks out?

"Hey Jim," the email began, "how often do you run across CEOs who love their company and hate their own job description?"

He explained that as he'd grown his business, he hired people to handle tasks he had enjoyed doing in the early days and now finds his calendar filled with administrative tasks no one else wants to do. "I can't imagine any entrepreneur starting out wanting to be an administrator."

Companies - smart ones - put significant resources toward employee engagement and retention, but what about the boss? Who watches out for the men and women in the c-suite? If retaining key employees is critical for profitability, keeping the boss engaged should be near the top of any company's training agenda.

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Fine-tuning your focus

Whether you are a captain of industry, wielding the helm of a multi-national mega-corp; or, a solo-professional entrepreneur, wielding a broom in your spare time just to make cash-flow -- you could be your own worst competition. With all the competitive forces taking aim at the big red circle on your back, you can't afford [...]

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