Audiofile “Earphones Award”

Patient Care, the memoir of Dr. Paul Seward narrated by Jim Seybert, was given the prestigious Earphones Award for overall quality by Audiofile Magazine in November 2018.

“Jim Seybert’s narration achieves the learned tone of a physician who’s been through some of the most challenging medical cases a doctor can face.”



2018 SOVAS Award Nominee

Jim is nominated for a SOVAS Award for his narration of The Soul of Shame, produced by TwoWords Publishing and originally published by IVP.

SOVAS is the Society of Vocal Arts and Sciences.


Audiofile Magazine

Jim Seybert narrates the story of the resistance by U.S. and Philippine forces to the Japanese invasion of the Philippines from December 1941 through the spring of 1942. Seybert’s deep, resonant voice is a good match of voice and text. With deliberate pacing and clear enunciation, he ably describes places, individuals, and incidents.  Audiofile, January 2020


Jim Seybert brings the gravitas and healing tone needed to truly absorb the power of this audiobook. [His] narration is calming and comforting while still maintaining a tone that is reminiscent of a newscaster delivering the most recent story on a scientific discovery.    Audiofile, November 2018



Jim Seybert masterfully narrates what could be a dry listen with outstanding vocal inflection and articulation. His zeal in offering the listener a well-rounded and enjoyable experience matches the aim of the author.    Audiofile, May 2018



Jim Seybert narrates with eloquence as he delivers a treasure trove of bite-sized devotions for time-challenged business and ministry leaders.     Audiofile 2011





Jim Seybert has a powerful voice that instills confidence and positivity as he reads through Mark’s 99 positive habits. Seybert’s voice is clear, crisp and encouraging.
Rod – 01/17 – Adelaide, South Australia

Strong, positive voice which commanded a great book like this one.
02/17 – Daman 5 Stars

Jim Seybert obviously understands the content before reading. I’m drawn in by his style and forget that he is not the author. I feel like he’s taking the time to speak directly to me — as in a conversation.  07/17 – Rob, Santa Barbara


Jim Seybert … threw himself into the narration. Not once did I sense that he was reading a book. It was like he was just telling me the advice, making it up as he went. That’s how smooth the reading was. Right on cue, Jim became a confident authoritarian.     5 Stars – Dominique – Cathedral City CA


“As a first-time author Jim not only provided an absolutely accurate and powerful narration, but he took all of the pressure off of publishing an audiobook by educating me on the whole process. You will be able to tell he loves his work.”      Zach Mercurio, The Invisible Leader

“Thank you for your outstanding assistance in guiding me through the process of creating my audiobooks. I am so impressed with your work that I want you to handle the narration and creation of [my next book] before I publish it as a paperback, eBook and hardback.”   Stan Corvin, Vietnam Saga

His expertise throughout the whole process made it easy for a first-time author like myself.  I didn’t have to worry.  He communicated throughout the entire process keeping me updated and offering suggestions for a better flow.  Leonard Mack, 99 Winning Habitudes

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