Here’s a bit more:

My credentials: I was VP of Marketing and VP of Business Development for The Parable Group (1994-2001), a group of 450 retail bookstores. In 2001, I started a consultancy focused on helping publishers launch new titles. The scope expanded to include non-publishing clients in Health Care, Higher Ed, Distribution, Real Estate, Hospitality, and other industries. I’ve lectured on Marketing at Cal Poly SLO and Biola University, and written extensively about personal strengths and marketing.

My Process: My focus is on narrators who already have an established brand and are looking to refresh or sharpen their image. I’m at my best helping people maximize an existing product or service, so if you’re just starting out I’m going to suggest you work with one (or more) of the fantastic coaches we have in the industry.

The Curriculum: After an initial “get acquainted” session, we’ll follow a five-part syllabus designed to help you explore various elements of Branding: Product Differentiation; Brand Aroma; The Paradox of Familiarity; Appreciative Inquiry; and The Three E’s of Effective Marketing. You can stop at any time in the process. There’s a discount if you do all five sessions.

What’s it cost?: If you pre-pay all five sessions, it’ll cost you less than two finished hours ($400). If you want to go one-lesson-at-a-time, each session is $100. The first “get acquainted” session (15-minutes) is free.

The Deliverable: During our time, you’ll be able to critically review your current image, explore what you’d like your image to be, brainstorm ways to effectively stand out from the crowd, and consider what makes you unique. You’ll come up with the answers, I’ll be your guide.

Wanna chat? Drop me an email or DM. I don’t have a fancy on-line calendar thing.

I’d be honored to help you refresh your personal brand.