The phrase “Knowledge without action is futile” is attributed to Abu Bakr, a Muslim cleric who lived in the 5th century CE.
That wisdom is as valid today as it was 1,500 years ago. The most respected people you know are those who know what to do — and do it. They have an intentionality about them that oozes confidence and competence. Others seek them out for advice and assistance because they’ve demonstrated the essential balance between knowledge and action. Abu Bakr didn’t say anything about being intentional, but I think he implied the value of purpose in his writings.
Most of us would rather be brilliant on purpose, than accidentally so. And that’s what the strengths concept is all about — discovering what activities give you the most energy and looking for ways to use them in the performance of your daily tasks.
The focus is primarily on WHAT you do and HOW you do it, but there are two other dimensions that are equally important. Knowing WHEN and WHERE you are at your best is just as valuable as knowing what and how.
Driving Ideas #17 – When & Where Matters explains:

To really excel at the things you are already good at, take the time to explore the 4th dimension and learn to manage your schedule in such a way as to give you an even higher level of excellence. My consulting and coaching work is focused on helping companies and individuals get better at what they already do well. I would be honored to help you.