Please excuse this post – I have installed a new plugin for my WordPress blog and the only way to see if it REALLY works is to do an actual post.
I launched my private consulting practice 10 years ago next month and one of the things I miss most about being part of a company is the IT support. Yeah, I know “IT support” may be an oxymoron but you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.
Sometimes I feel like I am being swallowed by the circuit boards in my computer. My knowledge of programming and html coding is just enough to get me in deep doo-doo and I’m grateful for the handful of experts* who will step in a bail me out when I get in over my head.
Funny thing – as frustrated as I can get after repeated attempts don’t yield the desired result, I get a weird pleasure from tackling this stuff. I think it’s because I’m an off-the-charts WOO, Maximizer and Communicator and when the computer stuff actually WORKS, it really maximizes my ability to communicate with people and get them to like me.
This is a good example of using a strength as a catalyst to slingshot you past a weakness. When the desired result of a weakening activity is something that energizes you, it can make the loathsome task easier to handle.
My personal computer gurus:
Ron Johnston – email marketing expert
Allan Draper – Mac OS expert
Mike Atkinson – Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 expert
Gunnar Simonsen – Social Media expert
Noelle Seybert – Social Media strategist