Learning about tough lessons

Narrating non-fiction audiobooks provides a benefit I hadn't counted on - it's an incredible learning experience. The book I am currently narrating will be my 20th non-fiction project. My first was the memoir of a philanthropist in Portland, OR who started a very successful program for kids who were born into situations that unequivocally guaranteed [...]

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I write to challenge assumptions

  Beliefs exist as elements of thought. They're not real. You can't touch a belief or capture one in a jar. While there may very well be some basis of fact or reality surrounding a belief, what you believe about the world around you is nothing more –or less– than electrical brain impulses representing personal interpretations of [...]

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Clip Your Wings and Soar

Sticking to a resolution made on January 1st quite often requires you to do things that are counter to your nature; to swim upstream against your native instincts. That's the problem with resolutions: they generally demand that you to do less of what you love, or more of what you loathe.

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