It’s not about waiting your turn.
Not really about paying your dues or knowing the right people. (Although both of those do play a part in your long game).
No one owes you anything.
We all come into world naked, sticky (slimy), and screaming our heads off – FEED ME. I’m COLD.

Some are extremely fortunate.

Some are extremely unfortunate.

Those that are the former tend to develop a sense of entitlement.
Those that aren’t, sometimes become bitter. (Although no one is more bitter than the entitled prince or princess who thinks the world owes them something just because they are who they are).
As a matter of fact it’s you who owes the world something.
You have a unique set of talents. Maybe they were there when you were born. Maybe they developed through your environment. Doesn’t matter. You didn’t do squat to earn them. They were gift-wrapped and delivered without you lifting a finger.
Now, it’s payback time.
It is time to stop waiting, planning, and networking.
Get out there and DO what you are here to DO.
Wow us.
Blow our f’ing heads off.
As the great Steve Martin put it: