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Cannibalize or die

Discussion about the counter-intuitive suggestion of growing a business by encouraging subsidiaries to cannibalize existing under-served customers. 17-minute podcast interview from HBR.

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Congratulations to LMUSD

I was fortunate this week to share the excitement as Lucia Mar Unified School District celebrated the opening of Central Coast New Tech High, an innovative educational concept that will prepare students to assume productive roles in tomorrow's job market. The New Tech model focuses on Project-Based Learning (PBL) where students learn to apply what [...]

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Praising the flighty outliers

I watched a flock of generic birds wandering about the sky. They were sparrows or starlings or some other type of ubiquitous small bird, flying about in the most haphazard manner; the entire flock darting first one direction and instantly another. There didn't appear to be reason to their route, no plan. Then for just [...]

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