Audiofile Magazine Review

I was browsing around the Audiofile Magazine website recently and came across their 2010 review of my audiobook The One Year Daily Devotions for Leaders. They wrote: Jim Seybert narrates his own work with eloquence as he delivers a treasure trove of bite-sized devotions for time-challenged business and ministry leaders. Readings cover broad issues of [...]

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Normal and the need for change

Headline: Power Outage Delays Big Game Ray Lewis ends his NFL career on a high note, Colin Kaepernick increases his odds of getting a raise and 100-million people are grossed out (twice) by the hideous sounds of a super model and nerd sucking each other's lips -- but Super Bowl 47 will be remembered most for [...]

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Manager Training VS Leadership Development

Drawing from academic and business writing, this whitepaper acknowledges the organizational imperatives of vision and productivity and presents an argument for a more intentional approach to training in those skills specifically related to managing teams of people.

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